Fact: The other day, confusing animal prints appeared on my front lawn. They were all over the small hill leading up to my house. I pictured something romping about and tossing its head in glee before walking up to my picture window and staring in to contemplate the life of my dog, inside and alone.

what is it.jpg

Fact: There are many random animals in our area. I felt pretty stupid not being able to identify the prints immediately, so I said nothing to anyone other than my kids. I showed them and they said (quite dismissively) “horse.”  Pshaw, even I know horses wear shoes that are shaped like, well, horseshoes.


Fact: Three days later my 10 year old neighbor announced to me, “my Dad saw a unicorn outside the other day.”

My ears immediately perked up. “Tell me more,” I commanded.

“Well, he said it looked kinda like a horse, but smaller, and it was white with brown spots. He said it was a unicorn.”

Fact: A freaking unicorn played in my yard, people. Magic is real.

rainbow prints.jpg

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